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Research activities of MaCEPV team

The MaCEPV team is running multidisciplinary research activities ranging from the synthesis of materials with physical and chemical tools to the achievement of elementary devices (diodes, transistors, memories, solar cells), through the characterization of charge transport in such devices. The scientific objectives are the understanding of the mechanisms that govern the growth of films (organic or inorganic) or nanoparticles, the modification of these materials by chemical or physical treatments, and finally the correlation of the structural and morphological properties of the elaborated materials with their optical, electronical and opto-electronical characteristics.

More specifically, the investigations of the team concern the development of innovative processes for first (multicrystalline, ribbon) and second generation (thin film) silicon photovoltaic cells, the development and characterization of oxide-based and nitride-based nanostructured materials for optoelectronics, the study and optimization of organic photovoltaic cells and sensors, the use of ion beams for the synthesis of semiconductor or metallic nanocrystals, the synthesis and study of optoelectronic properties of carbon nanomaterials ranging from carbon nanotubes to graphene / DLC.

The team has developed its activities thanks to the technological platform (C3-Fab) including several original equipment for the elaboration and structural and optoelectronic analysis of materials and components. The research is partially funded by national, European and international projects or through industrial partnerships (ST-Microelectronics, SOPREMA, SOLARFORCE, STile, Thales ...).

Over the period 2011-2016, our work has resulted in more than 160 publications in scientific journals (4.5 publications / researcher / year), 13 contributions to book chapters, 2 CNRS patents and 70 conferences, including 26 as guest speakers. Finally, we trained 16 doctoral students over this period and 6 thesis are currently in progress.

The MaCEPV team activities are divided into three themes with strong interactions among them, namely:

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